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Face to Face with the Nature. Andrey Gudkov photo project

Supported by the State Darwin Museum and WWF.

Geography of works, continents of our plants shot during last 5 years. South America (Ecuador and Galapagos Islands), Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Zambia, ZImbabwe, South Africa, Zair, Central African Republic), Russia (Far East, Southern Primorye), Indonesia (Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Borneo and New Guinea).

Unique photos of exotic, rare and endangered animals and birds which inhabit hard-to-reach corners of our planes, all of them are impressed in natural environment in the world famous national parks. Project started in Moscow in April 2007 at Moscow International Photo Forum-2007, and spread to May 2007 to Republic of Congo's capital Brazzaville. In the nearest future photo works will be shown in other African capitals (Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo). African part of the project is supported by Russian Embassy and Russia Cultural Centre in the Republic of Congo, and Russian Embassy in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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