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Images printing information (posters)

Dear customer!

You purchase the highest quality posters. All posters are printed on the professional polygraphic equipment with the finest resolution, saturated colors and minimal grain. All shots are carefully selected of total shooting material. I.e. we offer you the very best and shrewd shots. All posters printing for sale have no copyrights mark. However in the right bottom corner of the image there will be an inscription noting the author of the picture and link to the author’s website. Though these inscriptions will be so insignificant, that will practically not be noticeable and will not spoil your image.

Images 40х50 cm. and more are sent to the customer rolled up, on a rigid tube which excludes mechanical damages during transportation, and also flexes of images’ edges and ingress of dust. Images of a smaller format are sent the customer in a hard folder with sealed edges.

Images will be framed by a thin white framework and a grey field up to 5 cm. width from each border. It is compulsory in order to have necessary space to fix the image on a wall or to frame the image.

If your image is damaged during transportation kindly send the damaged image back to us and it will be replaced in the shortest time.

Discounts are given to wholesale buyers. For purchasing from 5 to 10 images — 5 % of total order price, 11 and more images — 10% of total order price.

You may also order a CD with images you have selected as screen savers for your computer's desktop. Maximum quantity of images on one disk is 10. Disk price is USD 50.

Copyright and Legal Issues

The print you buy is a work of art for you to hang on your wall and keep as an investment and an object of beauty. The copyright and licensing rights to the image remain with the photographer, so you may not allow the image to be published or grant publication licenses to others.

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