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Russian Geographic Society was founded in Saint-Petersburg under the Highest order by Emperor Nikolay I, who approved the initiative by the representaion of Minister of Intertal Affairs L.A. Perovsky on 18th August 1845. During the very first decades of its activity, the Society managed to unite the most educated and progressive people of Russia who shared concernment by the sharpest social and economic problems of the days. Russian Geographic Society took significant place in the scientific and public life of the country.
Vokrug Sveta is the first in Russia and one the first in the world magazine of cognitive topics. It was founded in St. Petersburg in 1861 and since that time has been publishing for one and a half centuries virtually without breaks
WWF. One of the largest in the world public benevolent organizations, which has for more than 40 years worked to protect environment all around the planet
Cetamada is a Malagasy non-profit organization (NGO) founded in 2009. Its aim is to preserve the marine mammal populations through several initiatives, ranging from whale watching, scientific research, community empowerment and co-management. Cetamada is one of the few NGOs with a shared database and also a leader organisation for the whale watching operations in Madagascar and in the Indian Ocean. The NGO is actively involved in scientific research projects including: characterisation of sound subunits for humpback whales song analysis, census of marine mammals and other pelagic megafauna by aerial survey in the French economic exclusive zone (ZEE), environmental education impact on whale-watching tourism, empowerment of local communities through artisanal workshops, documentaries and printed material to sensitise the general public. The Cetamada members are internationally recognised researchers involved in the International Whaling Commission, Indian Ocean Commission (COI) and marine research centres in France, as well as in other parts of Europe. We believe research activities and the empowerment of local communities are the building blocks to conserve marine mammal diversity.
Lola ya Bonobo is the world's only bonobo sanctuary, with over 60 orphans whose parents were killed by the bushmeat trade. Lola ya Bonobo is a 75 acre forest run by ABC (Amis des Bonobos du Congo) who strives to save bonobos through welfare, education, and conservation. Our world class staff offers 24 hour psychological and veterinary care to our orphans, our education programs reach over 30,000 people a year, and we have just recently conducted the world's first bonobos release, where nine of our orphans were sent back to the wild.
Fondation Aspinall. Projet Protection des Gorilles - Congo
Digital Camera Photo&Video Magazine is a first in Russia magazine about digital photo and video
Domodedovo is a flight magazine for airline passengers
Foto&Video Magazine is dedicated to photographic technique and photographic art. Magazine contains all articles about photography theory and practice. Readers can look over portfolio of famous Russian and foreign artists, find information about exhibitions, galleries and other events in the photography world
GeoPhoto Photobank / Photoagency contains professional photos for mass-media, polygraphy, design and advertising
Web-sourse of the photo:
ProLab-Center Photolaboratory. This is the combination of newest technologies and traditionally perfect service. "ProLab" is the center for professional photoraphers, where flawless services quality will be provided. Quality is the main ProLab tradition
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