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28th of September 2008, Saint-Petersburg

Master-class by Andrey Gudkov

Andrey Gudkov had master-class at photovernissage “Birds, Animals, People” in Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh” on the 28th of September 2008 in Saint-Petersburg. The subject was “wild nature and animals photography all around the world. Features of photography in national parks. Advises to beginners”.

World of nature apperas endelessly manifold, amazingly harmonious, attracting by its mystique and non-noesis in the photos at the exhibition “Birds, Animals, People” (fauna and flora). History and modernity coexist traditionally at photovernissage. Archive photographs and works of modern authors fill up and enrich each others, reveal rich spectrum of emotions, impression and images, which is born when humanbeing adjoin the kingdom of Nature

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