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5th of June 2006

Photo exhibition of Andrey Gudkov “The World Around Not Us”

In the professional photo laboratory ProLab-Center photo exhibition of Andrey Gudkov “The World Around Not Us” was opened, which would last till June, the 26th . Exhibition includes 8 photos. Exhibition was prepared by the professional photo laboratory ProLab-Center together with the author Andrey Gudkov.

Works presented were shot by Canon EOS 1V, EOS 1Ds camera.

Andrey Gudkov, photographer-animalist. Began to shoot 15 year ago while being student-biologist. Those were mainly photo reports of expedition’s taken and special scientific photography. Three year ago became addicted precisely to animalism. Photo exhibition “Eyes to eyes” by photographer Franz Lanting and personal meeting with worldwide famous British photographer-animalist Steve Bloom made great influence on genre choice. Since that time he managed to visit Kenya, Congo, Uganda, Sumatra, New Guinea. Every year he tries to come to the Far East — huge field for art of photographers who work in genre “Natural”. Nearest plans are to visit some countries and worldwide famous national parks. Works with Canon photo equipment. Only digital cameras have been used for the last year. Andrey Gudkov:

“Professional animalism is very specific and complicated genre of photography. This especially attributes to animals photography in natural environment (wildlife). This means colossal financial expenditures on photo equipment and techniques, expedition organization, purchase of licenses for shooting, time-consuming correspondence with authorities and management of national parks, organization of significant number of people for shooting, etc. Besides, photographer-animalist must have special knowledge about object of shooting; otherwise all your titanic efforts spent to organize expedition might go awry. If this hasn’t stopped you, arm yourself with enormous patience and calmness. Wait patiently – that will be your main rule. As far as it is impossible to shoot professionally an animal, say, as roll mount. Sometimes we have to spend 6-9 months to organize expedition, and then have only 3-4 shooting days. Be ready to 12-15 hours workday. Be ready to bad household conditions and camp life. Dirt, dust, rains and grill sun, exhaustion and injuries will be your constant company. And if you shoot in tropics, be ready to inevitable bouquet of tropical illnesses, such as malaria, for instance. And especially on your first steps there will be more disappointments than successes. Your family should make up their minds to constant trips and your chronic absence when it is usual to band together at family’s table. If this again hasn’t stopped you, be prepared to permanent creative experiment. You have to learn how to work with your equipment with legerity, to understand its caprices, and squeeze all inside resources from it. When you wake up at 4 in the morning for several days in a row and realize that your have to walk yet another 15 kilometers in rain washy tropical forest of close to 100% humidity carrying equipment which weights 20 kg in order to make several shoots, and sometimes only one shoot, ask yourself a question: “Do I need it?”. If the answer if yes, this job is for you. If no — do not torture yourself and others.

Founded in 1997, the professional photo laboratory ProLab-Center is the large industrial center which serves professional photographers throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, and also carries out orders of professionals from Europe and USA.

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