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Photo by Eugenia Bugas
RIA Novosti presents exhibition of photographer Andrey Gudkov in Nizhniy Novgorod 03/10/2005

Exhibition “Africa. To the cradles of civilization: Kenya and Congo” is opened in the foyer of Legislative assembly of Nizhegorodskiy region


Photo-exhibition of “Vokrug Sveta” magazine is opened in the building of Nizhegorodskiy legislative assembly with Alpha-Bank support. Unique works of a journalist, photographer and traveler Andrey Gudkov are presented at the exhibition “Africa. To the cradles of civilization: Kenya and Congo”. These are more than 60 works made in remote jungles of equatorial Africa in the Congo Republic and in the world famous national parks of Kenya.

“This is an attempt to show professionally, at Western standards level, the world by the eyes of Russian photographer”, believes Gudkov.

Exposition includes 64 photos made in remote jungles on the territory of the Congo Republic and in the world famous national parks of Kenya.

In particular, photos which in a new way open the world of the nature, and tell about life and household of Masaya and Pygmies will be presented to visitors’ attention.

“If Kenya is the country with developed tourism infrastructure, while in Congo I have been the only one officially accredited journalist for the last ten years. I would like that as much people as possible could visit this exhibition. Because this is a chance to have a look on the world which is hidden from civilization”, said Gudkov.

Exhibition will take place with the support of Russian Agency of International Information RIA Novosti, “Vokrug Sveta” Magazine, Congo Republic Embassy in Russia, Roszarubezhcenter Mission in Congo.

It is planned that the advisor of the Russian ambassador in the Congo Republic Georgiy Chepik and the officer on trade and tourism of Tanzania Embassy in Moscow George Lengrezhu will take part in the opening of the exhibition.

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