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20 of June 2008, Kiev

Charitable exhibition named “Life on the planet” of Russian photo-painter, animalist Andrey Gudkov was opened in the gallery “Assistance of art development Foundation”.

As Foundation’s site reports artistic photos of animals qill be presented made by A.Gudkov in different countries, including Russia, African and South America countries, Indonesia and New Guinea. It is charitable exhibition and money earned on photo works sales will be given to children’s home of Ukraine.

Andrey Gudkov in “Assistance of art development Foundation”

Kommersant-Ukraine, June 20th, 2008

Muscovite Andrey Gudkov is professional biologist allured by photography a dew years ago, he shoots animals exclusively. There are not that much animal photographers in the world, it is far too troublesome and expensive specialization. Gudkov says that he often spends half a year to prepare one expedition, because he shoot animals directly in their natural environment, usually penetrating into jungles and marshes not reached by even the most fascinated travelers. The photographer is proud of being the second in the world after Franz Lanting to shoot successfully Tarsius (little night monkey) in Indonesia, but acknowledges he spent almost two years to organize this shooting. These goggled-eyed primates, as well as sorrowfully meditated upon something orangutan or amorous Bonobo (one of the shots of these distant cousins of chimpanzee published in “National Geographic” Mr. Gudkov received last year Best Photo Award by international publisher Independent Media), can be seen since today on the exhibition “Life on the planet”. It can hardly be that a visitor will remain indifferent to photos presented, which photographer hunted for all around the world from Congo and Ecuador to Far East and Galapagos Islands. This is indeed nice thropy, valuable also in terms of Andrey’s Gudkov attitude to animals not as hostile to human’s world creatures, but as to somewhat eccentric and unusual neighbors of us . In each beast’s muzzle he tries to see human’s impression and known emotion. It can be that somebody will be able to recognize himself in these lions, elephants or monkeys.


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