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April, 12–15, 2007, Moscow, the Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo”

Face to face with the nature

In the frame of the Seventh International Exhibition of Amateur and Professional Photo and Video FOTOFORUM-2007 presentation of the unique photoproject by Andrey Gudkov “With nature face to face” will take place. This project is represented by magazine €œVOKRUG SVETA”, photobank “Geophoto”, Wild World Fund (WWF) and the Professional photocenter “PROLAB”. 32 photos of wild animals made during last 3 years in world famous national parks all around the world will be presented.

General information

All over the world exhibitions of wild animals photos attract enormous quantity of spectators and are widely covered by the press. Here are some recent Western similar exhibitions and projects: Franz Lanting exhibition “Eye to Eye”, an exhibition of English photographer animal- painter Steve Bloom “Spirit of the wild”.

In our country no similar exhibitions by domestic photographers of the same level has ever been arranged before. Huge popularity of this photo genre was proven by recently held in Moscow and St. Petersburg exhibition “Best photographer of the wild nature” within the frame of the first Russian photo animalism competition “The Gold Turtle”, which collected enormous quantity of spectators. More than 14 thousand people visited it during only the first two weeks after the opening!

The exhibition scheduled will be the first large-format, professional exhibition of this genre which author is the Russian photographer. The author uses the advanced line of digital cameras and lens. Print of works will be carried out at the highest technological level, using the foremost technologies in the field of photographic printing and processing of photos that guarantees the highest result and quality of exhibition works.

Geography of works is the continents of our planet which have been shoot by the photographer during the last 3 years. These are South America (the Galapagos Islands), Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Zambia, and Zimbabwe), Russia (the Far East, Southern Primorski Krai), Indonesia (Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and New Guinea). ( Anthropoids – gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and also lions and cheetahs, rhinoceroses, giraffes and hippopotamuses, antelopes and zebras, the African and Asian elephants, crocodiles, iguanas, sea lions and seals, Galapagos turtles, exotic and sea birds, rare and disappearing animals which live in the backs of beyond of our planet – all of them are captured in their natural environment in the world famous national parks of our Planet. Surprising photos of landscapes supplement the entire composition of the exhibition and give full representation of those unique places.

For the last 3 years Andrey Gudkov photos, reports and interviews have been published in plenty of Russian and foreign mass-media, such as “Wildlife Magazine”, “La Semaine Africainen”, “Le Nouvel Observateaur D'Afriqus”, “L'Observateur”. “Vokrug Sveta”, Kommersant-Dengi, “FOTO&VIDEO”, “Digital Camera”, “Digital Photo”, “PhotoTravel”, “Voyage”, “Travels around the world”, “Vacation in Russia”, “The Bear”, “XXL”, several flight magazines of well-known Russian airlines, newspaper “Trud”, broadcasting station “Echo of Moscow” (

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