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7th of May - 1st of June. Congo Republic. Brazzaville. Exhibition Center of the Russian Cultural Center.


On May, 7th in RCSC of Brazzaville city (Congo Republic) took place solemn opening of Russian photographer-animal painter Andrey Gudkov\'s exhibition “Face to face with the nature”. This day numerous visitors of the center were able to see the unique photos of animals made in a native habitat, in the world famous national parks of the planet.

At the exhibition opening presented: the Ambassador of Russia in Congo M.S.Tsvigun, ambassadors of some European and African states (France, the Republic of South Africa, Belgium, China, Zaire, USA, etc.), having their diplomatic representatives in Congo Republic, the Chief of Culture Department of Culture and Art Ministry of Congo E. Kanda, and also representatives of the international nature protection funds, Christian spiritual missions, representatives of the International Red Cross.

A.Gudkov\'s photo-exhibition also caused great interest among all stratums of Brazzaville. During the first two days of exhibition work more than 400 people visited the event, many of them left enthusiastic and the most benevolent comments in the visitor\'s book. Visitors of RCSC were amazed not only by skills of the Russian photographer who traveled all over half the world in searches of rare shots – from the Russian Far East and Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, up to impassable jungles of New Guinea, Sumatra and Java islands – but also by sizes of the exposed photos (1,7 m х 1,0 m), and also quality of photo offset printing, which at certain moment allowed to be entirely carried to the world of the wild nature.

Visitors of the exhibition have wished to the Russian photographer of new creative successes in his noble aspiration to acquaint the public with variety of life forms existing in the world and have expressed a hope that exhibitions lead in RCSC will help to draw attention to problems of preservation of rare and disappearing kinds of animals.

It is already the second exhibition of A. Gudkov in Brazzaville. The first one – “Little ghosts of big forest”, devoted to pygmies of Congo, took place in RCSC in May, 2006 and was widely covered by local mass-media.

At the positive emotional effect made on Congolese community, the action lead by Russian Representation was the brightest event in the cultural life of Congo Republic.


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