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Sheremetyevo International Airport and “National Geographic Russia” present photo exhibition “Mothers and babies”

The photo exhibition “Mothers and babies” organized with the support of “National Geographic Russia” magazine is taking place from 1st June till 31st August 2012 in the Sheremetyevo international airport. Exposition is hold in the business lounge “Galactica” (Terminal E).

“Mothers and babies” in the Sheremetyevo

The most dangerous animals become soft an tender with their kids. We offer you to have a look at little ones of the wildlife together with the wildlife photographer Andrey Gudkov. The exhibition presents photos of mothers and kids taken all around the globe – elephants an leopards, lemurs and monkeys, bears and hippos an many others.

While being the permanent author of “National Geographic Russia”, Andrey has been photographing animals for many years: in Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas. Andrey Gukov is a member of European nature photographers union GTD (Germany), member of International Journalists Union and Journalist Union of Moscow and the founder of Wild Animals Safari project. He regularly participates in different international photo contests and constantly receives recognition, special mentions, awards an golden medals in such a famous competitions as Nature’s Best Photography 2011 (USA), Glanzlichter 2012 (Germany), Holland Circuit 2012 (Holland), Golden Turtle (Russia) and many others.

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