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August 2016 August 2016 9 августа в Нижнем Новгороде в музее русской фотографии при содействии журнала «National Geographic Россия» открылась выставка СОСЕДИ ПО ПЛАНЕТЕ.
На выставке будут демонстрироваться 80 фотографий из 20 стран снятые за последние 10 лет работы. Многие из них публиковались в известных журналах и изданиях, таких как National Geographic Россия, "GEO", "Nature", National Geographic Франция, Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph и многих других, были победителями многих престижных международных конкурсов, таких как Wildlife Photographer of the year, Trierenberg Super Circuit, KHAYYAM INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Black and White Spider Awards и т.д. Добро пожаловать в МИР ДИКОЙ ПРИРОДЫ!
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December 2015 December 2015 На прошедших конкурсах PHOTO TRAVEL SALON и PHOTO TRAVEL AWARDS 2015 фотографии JUMP TO THE SKY,  ANTI-GLOBALIZATION. LAST STRONGHOLD и STONE AGE OLIMPICS получили медали: FIAP Bronz medal, PSA Gold medal, IUP Medal

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December 2015 December 2015 На международном конкурсе  PHOTO TRAVEL SALON 2015 фотография TANGO KOMODO получила ленту IUP ribbon.

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December 2015 December 2015 На ежегодном международном конкурсе AC-FOTO GERMAN MEGA CIRCUIT 2015, проходящем в Германии, фотография TANGO KOMODO получила специальную медаль GMC MEDAL.

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November 2015 November 2015 At the international photo contest MIDDLE EAST GRAND CIRCUIT 2015 which took place in SAUDI ARABIA (Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia) Gudkov Andrey's photo "JUMP IN HEAVEN" received the JURY’s SPECIAL MARK and the PURPLE TAPE PSA

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05.11.2015 ATTENTION! New photos from Madagascar. In the "Gallery".

22.06.2015 CAUTION! New photos of dolphins, white sharks and sea birds from South Africa. In the "Gallery".

21.06.2015 CAUTION! New photos from Botswana in the "Gallery".

01.10.2014 In the "Gallery" with new pictures Mentawai tribes.

30.09.2014 In the "Gallery" with new pictures of polar bears shot in Canada.

21.01.2014 ATTENTION! In the section GALLERY there were new photos from Uganda.

10.02.2011 Attention! Andrey Gudkov’s photo exhibition “Face to face with the Nature” at International Photo Forum 2011 in Moscow’s Crocus Expo. Special project of the photo forum “Stars of world photography”.

10.01.2011 Attention! Expeditions to Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Canada and Madagascar has ended. Take a look at new photos at “GALLERY” and “POSTERS” sections.

28.10.2009 Attention! Expedition to Congo and Zair has finished. New photos are available at "GALLERY". Attention! New photos from Uganda, Indonesia. New Guinea, Kenya and Tanzania will soon be available at "GALLERY". Follow our updates.

20.02.2009 Attention! Two new sections are now available on the website. In the "Posters" section you can take a look at best photos taken in different corners of our planet in different times...and order a one. In "Visitor's comments" you can leave a message or comment. "Visitor's comments" are at the "Contacts" page.

24.12.2008 Attention! The expedition to Congo and Central African Republic has ended. You are welcome to see photos of forest elephants in the "Gallery"/Central African Republic.

13.09.2007 Attention! Dear publishers, customers and visitors! Subsection "Calendars" has emerged in section "Gallery". You may purchase ready layout of a calendar according to the exposed-to-view sample and also order any other layout as provided by the following subject matters: animals, nature, European architecture, London, Paris, Middle Asia.

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