The world of wild animals by Andrey Gudkov

Photo by Aleksander Ratnikov


Gudkov Andrey, photographer-animalist. Began to shoot 20 year ago while being student-biologist. Those were mainly photo reports of expedition’s taken and special scientific photography. Three year ago became addicted to animalism. Photo exhibition “Eyes to eyes” by photographer Franz Lanting and personal meeting with worldwide famous British photographer-animalist Steve Bloom made great influence on genre choice.

Zaire, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, New Guinea, India, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, Great Britain, Cuba, Canada, South African Republic, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, Botswana, Middle Asia, Japan and of course Russia - these are countries where I have happed to be and to shoot during last 10 years.

Every year I try to go to the Far East — huge field for art of photographers who work in genre “Natural”. Nearest plans are to visit some countries and worldwide famous national parks. I use Canon photo equipment. I have been using only digital cameras for the last year.

Andrey is a constant finalist and laureate of the GOLDEN TURTLE Photography Contest (Russia, 2006-2010). Prize winner at the all-Russian Festival of Advertising Photography in 2006, prize winner at the Travel Photography Festival in 2009, and the winner of the Travel Photography Festival in 2010 and 2011 in the “Animals” category. The winner of the Grand-Prix of Travel Photography Festival in 2011. The winner of the Best photograph 2007 in the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Russia magazine according to international publishing house INDEPENDENT MEDIA. Amongst other awards he received the special award, “Highly Honored Winner,” from the jury at the Nature’s Best Photography WINDLLAND SMITH RICE INTERNATIONAL AWARDS (USA,2011); the Jury’s Special Mention at FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) at the 5th International Contest of Digital Photography NARAVA (Slovenia, 2012); the Jury’s Special Mention at the Competition of Nature Photography GLANZLICHTER CONTEST (Germany, 2012); Gold Medal from the QUENN’S PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY of Great Britain (2012); the WAGENINGEN CCW medal (The Netherlands, 2012); the Jury’s Special Mention at the HOLLAND CIRCUIT (8th Image Salon Delft, 2012); Gold medal (“Best of Show”) from the PSA (Photographic Society of America) at the AC-Foto GERMAN MEGA CIRCUIT International competition (Germany, 2012). Jury’s Honorable Mention at the international contest BLACK & WHITE SPIDER AWARDS (USA, 2013); Gold Medal in the category “African Wildlife” at TRIENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT (Austria, 2014); Jury’s Special Mark (PSA HM Ribbon) at MIDDLE EAST GRAND CIRCUIT (Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, 2014); PSA Ribbon at KHAYYAM INTERNAITONAL EXHIBITION of Photography (Iran, 2014). Finalist of WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR ( London, UK, 2015) in the category “Amphibians and Reptiles”. Gold Medal UAP at PHOTO CLUB ARIZONA (USA, 2015). Gold Medal PSA, medal and Purple Ribbon IUP, Bronze medal FIAP at PHOTO TRAVEL SALON 2015 contest. Special Medal “JUDGES CHOICE MEDAL” at the Second International BAWSINTERNATIONAL SALON(India, 2015) at the category “Nature”. Andrey is the finalist of the international competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 (UK) in the category "Amphibians and reptiles".

He is a founder and curator of the, a special project for wildlife photographers and videographers. WILDANIMALSSAFARI is the company that organizes photo and video nature and wildlife shoots around the world for professionals and enthusiasts. Andrey Gudkov’s photographs, reports, essays, and interviews have been published in a multitude of Russian and foreign mass media such as National Geographic Russia, “GEO” (France), Wildlife Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail, La Semaine Africaine, Le Nouvel Observateur D’Afrique, L’Observateur, Vokrug Sveta (Rus), Kommersant-Money (Rus), FOTO &VIDEO (Rus), Digital Camera, Digital Photo, PhotoTravel (Rus), Voyage (Rus), Travels Around the World (Rus), Leisure in Russia (Rus), The National Resources Administration (Rus), The Bear (Rus), XXL, High Flyer (Rus), Student’s Meridian (Rus), the TRUD newspaper. He was a guest at such radio stations as Mayak, Echo-Moskvy and Golos Rossii, and also on the Russian TV channels RTR-2 and “Stolitsa”, he works with the leading European photo galleries and agencies. Vast works’ geography covers different continents of our planet. Latin America (Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Chile,Argentina, Cuba) and North America (Canada, USA), Asia ( Japan, India, Sri Lanka) , Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of Congo, Tanzania, the Central African Republic, Madagascar, South Africa), Russia (the Far East and the Southern Primorye), and the jungles of Indonesia (Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Flores, Rinca, Siberut and New Guinea).






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