The world of wild animals by Andrey Gudkov

Photo by Sergey Uriadnikov

About myself

We all grew up on Y. Senkevich's programs “Club of travellers”, teleserials “L' Odysee sous-marine de l'equipe Cousteau” and “Life on Earth” by David Attenborough and those rare BBC films about the nature which were showed on the Soviet TV of that time. Later I thumbed through yellow spines of “National Geographic” with fabulous photos of nature and places which ordinary soviet man simply could not reach. But all this, at the end, gave the perception of environment, which today I try to share with others. I have always wanted to combine three things: photo, travels and journalism. There is certain magic, mystery in this combination. There is just everything here: art and dirty job, sudor and glance of magazines pages, delight from the things seen and wearisome months to organize expeditions, smells of bonfires and evening savanna, endless race to a shot along endless road. This is always new faces and impressions. This is first of all WORK. But if you truly love your job, these all is not a tie for you. I've been making photos for more than 10 years now. The world is enormous and multiform. And unfortunately it is very hurtable to men's business activity. That is why I want to see and to record on a film things that yet remain untouched, that not yet suffered of “civilized man” intervention.

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